Our Brand

 Fast fashion thrives on trends. It thrives on the consumer growing bored and continuously seeking to obtain the next best thing that is often mass-produced at the expense of quality, ethics, and sustainability. Secret's out - the fashion industry has become an inexhaustible, unsustainable machine that is consistently fuelled by superficiality and overconsumption.
That's exactly what we're here to change. 
We import the newest small batch creations of emerging designers from all over Europe. The labels we carry are always changing, but our main ones are from Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, USA, and the United Kingdom. Everything that we carry was crafted with skill, vision, intention, and care.  We offer a diverse array of clothes, shoes, and accessories that meets every conscious fashionista's needs.  Ti Vesto translated from Italian means “let me dress you.", so rely on us to help you build a wardrobe that reflects your fine taste and unique personality.
Ti Vesto's fashion goes beyond appearances. When we think of health and how to maintain it, the first thing that pops into most of our minds is "healthy diet and active lifestyle", but we forget that the fabrics we live, sweat, and work in can have a huge impact. The skin is a complex and vital organ that deserves to be protected from harsh external environments, including toxic chemical dyes and cheap plastic fabrics that are found in a scary amount of clothing. Rest assured, we've got you covered. 


Would you rather spend a large sum of money purchasing 20 pieces of low-quality, mass-produced clothing that won't last long or spend the same amount to invest in high-quality merchandise that remains beautiful for years? Our prices may be a little higher than those of conventional clothing stores, but the clothes we offer are simply superior. Choose quality over quantity - every time.
We have the designers you love, some of which include:
  • Almost Famous (United Kingdom)
  • BASBAS (Italy)
  • Cashmere Evolution (Italy)
  • Celena (France)
  • Charo Azcona (Spain)
  • Diffusion (Spain)
  • Es’givien (Italy)
  • JAB (Italy)
  • Karen by Simonsen (Denmark)
  • Rendezvous (France)
  • Mamoda’ (Italy)
  • Luca Vanucci (Italy)
  • Panu Bags (Italy)
  • Stephisimo Jewellery (Germany)
  • Souvenir Clubbing (Italy)
  • Turnover (Denmark)
  • Wom e Now (Spain)
  • EDAS Italia (Italy)
  • Tolerance Couture (Italy)
  • Periphery (Canada)
  • Jodiel (Italy)
  • La Fabrique (Italy)
  • No Man’s Land (Italy)
  • Lolili Scarves (Italy)


We're not perfect. We're not anywhere near close to perfect. We see the issues, we care, and we're taking small steps towards becoming a 100% eco-friendly business. Sustainable packaging, selling womenswear made from natural fabrics, and offering merchandise that has been manufactured with environmental protection as a priority are just a few examples of how we've been doing our part to create a healthier planet. The best is yet to come.