From Italy to Ontario

 If you've ever been blessed enough to walk the cobblestone streets of Rome or taste the stinging saltwater of the Adriatic, you have undoubtedly felt the inspirational magic that is woven into the very fabric of Italy. In a rather small country, there exists such an immense cultural ecosystem that teems with radiant colour and artisanal pride. Much like many other regions within Europe that share Italy's charm, the most unsuspecting traveller can effortlessly absorb natural beauty and expert craftsmanship around every corner. So where does Ti Vesto fit into all this? As you'd expect, such marvels are reflected in the Italian fashion adorned by the locals who confidently flaunt the same exquisite style and inherent finezza that we've been surrounded by since infancy.

My sister Marila and I were and still are completely inspired by both the fashion found in our home country of Italy, and European fashion as a whole. In a Canadian market that is saturated with clothing exclusively manufactured in China and obnoxiously expensive brand-name goods, we had a fervent desire to make a statement by introducing timeless European pieces that have been crafted with exquisite, high-quality fabrics and artistic imagination. We wanted to provide what conscious consumers and fashion-forward women desire. Driven by this passion, we established Ti Vesto Boutique in May of 2012.

As a small business, we prioritize quality over quantity and ensure that each item we sell was produced with integrity, so that our customers can shop worry-free.

Welcome to Ti Vesto Boutique. We are the future of fashion.